Stichting Belangenbehartiging Gedupeerden Online Kansspelen (Curaçao)


The Foundation for the Representation of Victims of Online Gaming (‘SBGOK’) offers research, knowledge and advise to players and victims to your money back when befrauded or cheated. For example by assisting to file charges/complaints with the competent autorities or representing your case in intermediary negotiations and court. SBGOK is quite experienced in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and (Egaming) litigation.


The SBGOK foundation aims to restore justice for scammed online gaming players and other victims worldwide. We aim to achieve our mission by all lawful means that serves its purpose. 


SBGOK is a non-profit organisation, founded on March 25, 2019. Curaçao Chamber of Commerce excerpt and mission statement in Dutch here. And this is how we work.


1) to monitor management and operations of online casinos and their offshore online gaming license holders and corporate services providers and to investigate if necessary whether they act according to the law;

2) to denounce improper management of online casinos and related (legal) persons and, if deemed necessary, to report criminal offenses to the public prosecutor and/or demand the Court of Justice for failure to prosecute;

3) to represent the interests of players of online games of chance;

4) to engage gaming specialized lawyers and other professional service providers for the collection of claims of duped players;

5) to offer legal, financial and other support of scammed players and possibly transferring their claims to the Foundation.