No cure, no pay

With our litigation funding we help victims that have no other recourse.

Winning is not enough

A positive judgment is an important step in the recovery process but it is worthless if it is not followed by a successful enforcement strategy. The SBGOK foundation is only compensated when the client has effectively recovered its losses, i.e. when the money is in the client’s bank account.

No up-front fees, expenses or risk

SBGOK pays all fees and expenses, including its own cost, throughout the recovery process and protects its clients against litigation risk. The client faces no cash outlays during the entire recovery process.

No risk in case of loss

If the case is lost, you owe SBGOK nothing. If you are ordered to pay expenses to the adverse party, SBGOK covers them.

Share of the result

In exchange for the payment of all costs related to a litigation project, SBGOK will receive a variable amount depending on the recovery, if (and only if) there is recovery. The variable amount can be a share of the proceeds, a multiple of the amount invested or a percentage of the amount invested possibly in combination with a share of the proceeds.

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